Spreading the (link) love 5

Happy Sunday, friends! Are you one of those people that considers Sunday the start of the week or the end of the week? Have you ever given it any thought? Most calendars are Sunday through Saturday indicating that Sunday is the start of the week but, if you go back to the Bible, God created […]

Fruit or Vegetable? (plus Tasty Tuesday link-up #9)

Hey, hey, hey! It’s Tuesday! Which means it’s time for Tasty Tuesday and a really awesome link-up party! Which, I’ve realized, I should start counting because it’s helpful. And it shows how long I’ve been co-hosting (thanks again, Lena!). And, I like to count things.  So, in last week’s Tasty Tuesday blog, I gave you […]

Sunday Food Prep – what went down in my kitchen (13)

Hi there! Happy Monday! Really, it’s okay. Mondays can be happy. So, I FINALLY got back into my kitchen yesterday for some quality food prep. I had fallen off the wagon a little there for a bit and was TOTALLY discombobulated the entire time. BUT, I got back at it and I feel so accomplished […]

Spreading the (link) love 4

Hello, hello! It’s been a minute but the link love posts are back! You know you missed them. For Your Tummy 12 Ways to Use Leftovers – Lindsay’s done it again! She makes food prep and leftover inspiration look easy. 5 Simple Tips to Eat More Veggies – eat all the veggies, people! 5 Ways to […]

Kitties and doggies and pie, oh my! (TOL #6)

Hello! It’s Thursday and that means it’s time for some thinking out loud! No clue what I’m talking about? Read all about it here – I’m linking up today with Amanda over at .running with spoons. because it’s random and fun. Fun is necessary sometimes! 1. It’s a double whammy vet visit day.  Eliza has her yearly […]