Successes, failures, and lessons learned

So, I’d planned on writing this post about failure and learning difficult, and expensive, lessons about hard work but I kinda got a reprieve. Although, I still learned some valuable lessons.

I took my Chemistry final last night.

My lab grade was a B- heading into the exam but I did so poorly that I obliterated any chance of passing the class. I think I squeezed out the failing grade I got because I spelled my name correctly.

I’m not an excellent test taker. Especially when I’m nervous (um, online proctoring is a little creepy) and I haven’t prepared as much as I should have. I could have – should have – spent WAY more time reviewing concepts, working problems, and studying but I got a little complacent. I easily got As in the other 2 classes, I was managing through the chapter problems and I was okay with my B, even with the – behind it! I guess I kinda thought I could skate my way through the final. Besides, I don’t fail things. It just doesn’t happen.

Um, well, that changed last night!

I had emailed the professor after I finished and let her know I’d completed the exam. It was a self-paced course so she wasn’t constantly checking up on us. I received an email back from her this morning with my final grade and my options.

Which include retaking the exam.

Wait, what?


I have to take it by August 1 and I have to pay more for the online proctoring of the exam but that cost is minimal compared to what it would cost to pay back financial aid for this one and then retake (and repay for) the entire class!

I about fell out of my chair when I read that. I had resigned myself to my poor grade and was trying not to stress about it and she swooped in and made my day.

Not that I’m excited about Chemistry but I have a good, solid 6-7 weeks of additional study and work time and I plan on making good use of it.

My plan right now is to go on vacation (tomorrow!!!), NOT think about Chemistry at all, and get back into it after we’re back and we’ve celebrated Thing 2’s birthday.

So, what did I learn? Well, first of all, I learned that a self-paced, online science class is difficult and that I maybe should give up some time and take them in person instead. I also learned that I’m an excellent procrastinator. Oh wait, I actually already knew that. And I learned that I’m not a fan of failing. At all. I had a feeling it wasn’t going to go well and still, when it didn’t, I was a little surprised and I wasn’t sure how to process all those emotions. I just couldn’t believe I wasn’t able to pull it off.

But, I got a second chance and those don’t come around all the time. I’m thankful when they do and I take them very seriously.

I WILL learn those concepts, I WILL work hard, and I WILL end up with a grade I’m proud of. :)

Talk to me: What was your favorite subject in school? Have you ever failed a class?


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Weekend Things – spending ALL the money

Um, I seriously could not be more overwhelmed right now. I kinda feel like hiding under my desk or sticking my head in the sand.

We’re prepping up to go on vacation, I have to take my Chem final (online and proctored. how weird is that going to be? taking it tomorrow after work.) before we go, I still have to go to work (well, until I go on vacation that is), and I still want to get some workouts in before we go.  It’s too much and I only have 3 days left.

We won’t discuss how I think I’m going to do on that final. :/

Needless to say, this past weekend was pretty busy. And I really only had one day for trip prep because Sunday was an all-day nutrition seminar at my CrossFit box. It was definitely worth going to but there went 8 hours!

I didn’t even work out on Saturday! That’s how you know I’m overwhelmed – when I willingly give up a workout that I really want to do because there aren’t enough hours in my day.

We did stop by the box though – had to get at least a little fix! 😉 – because we were in the area shopping.

We bought so much stuff for our new camper! We had stuff from the old one but I needed some new pots and pans – the others were ridiculously cheap and you could tell – and some bedding.

camper bed

How cute is that?!

We also picked up some new flatware, camp chairs, a cooler that my sailor had been eyeballing at the RV store, lights for the awning, etc. It was a fun and busy day spending money.

I needed sustenance while we were out so we swung by Panera and I got their Mediterranean Chicken and Quinoa Salad.

quinoa salad

It was actually pretty tasty! And HUGE! And that’s something coming from me because you KNOW I can pack away a salad.

After the shop fest, I got a haircut and we were going to try to squeeze in a date night but it didn’t happen.

Our a/c quit working.  Did I mention it was 90 degrees? :/

So, we ordered a pizza (#fancy) and ate dinner in the camper, where the a/c WAS working. And then, we hung out testing out the new camp chairs while the laundry was going inside.

My hair is SUPER short!!

My hair is SUPER short!!

The chairs that we got are Kijaro.  Those things are super awesome. They are like camp chairs on crack. They lock into place and provide support rather than sagging in the middle. After spending entirely too many years sitting in cheap-o camp chairs and working hard to launch myself out of it after sitting for too long, these are a welcome relief! And, the really cool thing is (man, why didn’t I take a picture?!) we discovered there’s a nifty little storage pouch/cell phone holder hanging from the side of the seat!

We bought a purple (that one’s mine, thankyouverymuch), red, and blue one. Here’s a stock picture of the blue one so you can get an idea of the chair and see the nifty pouch! And, no, I’m not in cahoots with Kijaro. I just think the chairs are really awesome!



We had a guy come out on Sunday morning to fix the a/c and, $300 later (yay. #sarcasm), we had a/c. Thankfully, it was just the capacitor. It could have been so much worse.

As I mentioned, I spent Sunday at a Nutrition seminar at CrossFit. I didn’t take any pictures but one of the coaches did so I stole this one from Facebook. 😉



It was interesting, from both a personal and professional level.  Jeremy Mullins, MS Nutritionist came out and taught the seminar. He owns CrossFit Thunder out in West Virginia and he also owns some little coffee shops called Butter It Up. He’s a big proponent of the butter in the coffee craze. I’m personally not sold on it (I just can’t see how starting your day with caffeine and a whole bunch of fat is a good thing. If you love it and it works for you, then you go!) but I did learn some new things and some of the things that he said has made me think. Which is good! Thinking is good! I’m going to try a couple of things and see how it works for me.

After the seminar, I helped Thing 2 with some laundry and did some chemisty and registered for my final. If I could skip it, I totally would. For reals. I just don’t think it’s going to go well at all. I’m really nervous. :/

So, that was my weekend. I’ll try to get some posts up between now and when I get back from vacation but I can’t promise anything. What I will promise is a big, photo-filled, “I’m back from vacation” post! I need this vacation. I need it bad.

Talk to me: Did you do anything fun over the weekend? What’s your favorite pizza topping? Have you ever put butter in your coffee?


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Weekly Workout Recap – holy squats & sore muscles!

“What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

So, I’ve been thinking a lot lately that I want to train for something. I need to train for something. I’ve even looked up ultras to see when any are being held near me. There’s a 50k in Virginia Beach in December. That’s doable, right? I just have to figure out how to manage it now that my work schedule is back to early. I just can’t quite see myself getting up at 3am to go for a run. I used to do it in Florida but the neighbor was different – totally residential whereas now I’m in a residential/commercial neighborhood. I don’t know. I have to figure this out.


Hoooboy, I was not feeling well on Monday. My stomach was pretty disagreeable and I felt run down. I actually packed my workout gear but, by 3pm, I knew I wasn’t going to do well at all so I just went home after work. I felt a little like my brain was in a fog.  I definitely needed to take an impromptu rest day.



My stomach was feeling better on Tuesday. I was still tired but not as bad Monday. I still had my gear packed and ready in the car so off to the box I went after work!

We started with a nice little warm-up of jumping jacks, push-ups, groiners (think spidermans + mountain climbers), air squats, frog jumps, sit ups, and burpees. Shoot. That whole “Our warm-up is your workout” business was right on point today! Okay, fine, it wasn’t that bad but I was tired so there’s that.

Strength/skill was 4 rounds of high back squats, 7-9 reps each round at 3010 tempo. They’ve increased the rep count but dropped the round count by 1 and the idea was to go up on the weight, if possible, from the last time (last time for me was 65#.) and if you were able to get 9 reps easily, you weren’t doing enough weight. This time around, I did 85# and worked really, really, really hard on keeping my right knee from tracking in. In fact, I was pretty focused on it each and every rep and it was paying off! Coach said they were the best squats he’s ever seen me do and my knee was staying out! #winning

Then, the WOD was more squats. More, more, more squats with a handful of burpees tossed in. And some handstand holds. We did 5 rounds of 90 seconds of work (30 air squats, 7 burpees, and a handstand hold for the remaining time), and then 90 seconds of rest. Man, by the time I got to the handstand hold, I had a devil of a time just kicking up. My legs were screaming, “NOOOOOOOO!” Or maybe that was me. I don’t know. It was all a blur.

After the workout, we walked 200m for a cool down. Then, me and my brilliant self decided I needed to run a little. So I grabbed a buddy and we jogged/ran an 800. I say jogged/ran because my buddy is like Lightning McQueen to my tortoise and I ran so he could actually jog instead of walking. 😉



Coach posted the WOD last night and I knew today was going to be a “Holy Hell” kind of day. In fact, I think that’s a perfect name for this workout. Especially after all those squats yesterday. You know I take the stairs at work, right? 5 flights? Well, I got to the 4th and had to take a break. Holy. Squats. I was definitely feeling those 85# tempo back squats.

We warmed up with a fun little 200m run – forwards and backwards. When was the last time you ran backwards? Then, we did a little AMRAP of band pass-thrus, push ups, chin ups, and 30 seconds of dead hanging from the bar.

Strength/skill work was bench press and Pendlay rows. (Don’t remember what a Pendlay row is? Check it out here.) The last time I worked on these, I got up to 70# on the bench press and 65# on the Pendlay row. This time around, with the rep count higher than before – 7 to 9 instead of 4 to 6 – I got up to 70# on the bench press and 75# on the Pendlay row. Getting stronger!

Then. Holy Hell.

I had to laugh when I saw that there was a 15 minute time cap. I mean, really? I wasn’t the only one, either. The question was asked, “How many people have actually finished?” Ha! I may or may not have snorted when coach said we should all be able to finish in the time allotted. Okay, I definitely snorted in my head. Whether it made it out and into an actual noise is the question. 😉

Anyhoooo, I used 55# for the thrusters and 4 count M.C. means 4 count mountain climbers. And somehow, by the grace of God, I survived. And finished in 12:25. Surprised me, too! In fact, I think everyone finished in the time cap. Seems coach was right. Who knew? 😉


Rest day! Mother daughter pedicure time! And, in my usual forgetful fashion, I forgot to take a photo. If there’s no photo evidence, did it really happen? Well, my toes say yes. :)



I was a little meh today. I mean, I was totally stoked that it was Friday but I just felt meh.  I would have much rather been outside than inside at work. And, Thursday was much cooler and the a/c blows super cool so we all froze on Thursday. So, building services decided to turn the air off. Except, it wasn’t as cool outside. And the building is very old and musty and stale. (gotta love an ancient government building!) Ugh.

I was glad to get CrossFit after work. Fresh air! And my sweat would be from something sweat worthy and not just sitting in my chair in a warm, airless room. Blech!

We warmed up with a 400 and 3 rounds of handstand kick-ups (5 each leg), pull ups, and Kossack squats. I am nowhere closer to getting handstand kick-ups with my opposite leg. I look ridiculous. This is going to take a while. Thank goodness I can laugh at my own ineptitude otherwise I might get really frustrated about it!

For strength/skill, we worked on the full squat snatch. My hip mobility and flexibility has definitely increased and improved but these are still very difficult for me. BUT, the good news is I’m getting better at them. I actually started with 55# but that was too much so I grabbed a 15# bar and put 10# plates on it and worked on form with 35#. Then, I went up to 45# and was doing pretty well. Coach had me try something where I don’t pull the bar right up to my shins at the start – I keep it about 2 inches away. This prevents me from going forward when I’m pulling up – I’m pulling the bar back and up in a “swooping” motion instead. It really worked! And, my transition into the overhead squat is improving too. Baby steps. Small gains over time will lead to improvements, too. It’s like putting together a puzzle. :)

The WOD was 3 rounds of running, hang power snatch (no squat), and double unders with a 15 minute time cap. They’re really liking that time cap business. I’m starting to like it, too. It’s kinda cool to see something, learn it has a time cap, wonder how the hell you’re ever going to accomplish THAT, and do it. Pretty satisfying, actually. :) I used 55# for the snatch and did a combo of double unders and singles and finished in 13:01. I’ll be honest – this was fun but it kinda sucked, too. That final 400 was tough – my legs felt like lead. I blame work. And the fact that I did the stairs 3 times today. 3!!! And, then, for cool down, because this is what every runner does when they’re legs feel like lead, I jogged an 800. An ugly 800. Very, very ugly and slow. But, I felt better after I did it. :)


Hero WOD Saturday!

And, I didn’t go. I had planned on going. I told coach I would be there. I lied. Not on purpose!

We’re going on vacation in less than a week. (!) I’m going to an 8 hour nutrition seminar at the box on Sunday. I will be at work on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Today is my only day to really accomplish vacation prep work. Laundry has to be done, shopping finished, cleaning done, camper packed, etc. Life is my WOD today.

Talk to me: Do you take the elevator? Are you taking a vacation soon? Do you love to go camping?

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Grilling Recipe round-up!

Hooooboy, we had some serious downpours come through my neck of the woods yesterday. Ana made landfall and let her presence be known, that’s for sure! But, even so, we definitely had it easier that the folks out in the midwest. I hope if that’s you, you and yours are safe and sound. That’s some scary business right there. :/

Even with the downpours, Mother Nature cooperated and we (and by we, I mean me) were able to grill dinner. I made a mean pork tenderloin and grilled up some pineapple alongside it. YUM!

We’ll be grilling fools when we’re camping at the reunion in a couple of weeks and I cannot wait. There’s just something really awesome about cooking food over a fire. And, the possibilities are endless! Sure burgers and dogs are the standard picnic/bbq food but why stop there? Get creative!

Because I need to start deciding what sorts of things I’ll be wanting to cook and eat while we’re traveling, I figured now is the perfect time for a grilling recipe round-up! Whether you cook over gas or charcoal, you can make some really delicious meals (and even dessert!) in your back yard – or in your front yard, if that’s how you roll. And, the bonus is, you’re not heating up your kitchen and clean up is super easy!

First up is my recipe (shameless recipe plug!) for Bourbon BBQ Chicken Wings. Have you tried them yet? No? What are you waiting for? Don’t have bourbon or don’t do alcohol, that’s okay. I’ve told you how to substitute!

wings (1 of 1)

In the mood for pizza? Of course you are! Have you ever had grilled pizza? Grab a premade crust (thank you Boboli!), pile it high with veggies and you’ve got a delicious and easy “take-out” dinner. :)


Love burgers? Want to spruce them up a little? Try these Grilled Blue Cheese Burgers from Cooking Light!


Photo credit: Cooking Light

In the mood for Mexican food? You can make these Steak Fajita Bowls from Krystal’s Kitsch all on the grill! And, they’re paleo and Whole 30 friendly! Don’t they look absolutely amazing?


Photo credit: Krystal

In the mood for a chicken salad that’s chock full of goodness? Grill ALL THE THINGS and make this Grilled Veggie & Grilled Chicken Salad with Tomato Vinaigrette from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen.


Photo credit: Lexi

Want seafood? Try these Tilapia & Summer Vegetable Foil Packets from Eating Well! Hey, wasn’t I just talking about foil packets? :)


Photo credit: Eating Well

Vegetarian? Don’t worry – you’re not left out! Try this Grilled Eggplant with Ricotta Salata from YUM! I <3 grilled eggplant!


Photo credit:

Wait. Didn’t I mention you could grill dessert? And I don’t mean s’mores. Well, not regular s’mores. I’m talking grown up s’mores. Fancy pants s’mores. Like these grilled banana s’mores from She Knows.


Photo credit: She Knows

I know, right? She really DOES know!

If you’re not wiping drool from your chin, there’s something wrong with you. #justsayin

Now all you have to do is go outside and light up your grill! Go on. Go. 😉

Talk to me: Gas or charcoal? What’s your favorite thing to grill? 

PS. The Tasty Tuesday link-up party is taking a much needed and tasty little vacation. It’ll be back next week! :)

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Weekly Workout Recap – squats, sand, and sunburn

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” – Henry David Thoreau

My first official week at the 4pm CrossFit class!

I love that I now get there early enough to do some extra warm-up before the warm-up! It might seem silly but I need the extra time to loosen up my hip flexors after sitting all day at work – although, I really try NOT to sit all day and I quit taking the elevator AT ALL a few months ago. They supposedly got “upgraded” but they are still breaking and getting stuck with people inside them and that is not cool with this claustrophobic girl.




You know what’s funny, though? While I was totally looking forward to this workout, I was super nervous about the run. Not that I couldn’t do it, of course, but that I wouldn’t do well. I might disappoint myself. I might not live up to someone else’s expectations. I mean, I’m the runner, right? I’ve got to kick butt!

So, because I was all amped up with nerves, I did the only thing I know to do to get rid of those nerves. I went for a run. Before the class. It was only 800m but still. I actually brought my Garmin because I wanted to see if the mile really measured out to be a mile. It’s close but not quite. It’s about .96 or 1540m (60m short, in case you didn’t know). So, now it is my goal to figure out a mile loop. #havegarminwillrun


We got started with the warm-up with a 400m run and then moved into an AMRAP of 10 kettlebell swings, 10 kettlebell roman deadlifts, 10 kettlebell good mornings (um, these were weird because you put the kettlebell BEHIND your head to do them. Just odd. Effective because I certainly felt it in my hamstrings but odd, nonetheless.), 10m inch worms, and 10m bear crawls. We had a 6 minute running clock and I got close to 2 complete rounds.

Deadlifts were our strength/skill work and we did 5 rounds of 4-6 deadlifts at the 3010 tempo (in case this is your first visit, start at the top, down slowly to the floor – one one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand – no pause at the bottom, explode back up, and start again) with two minutes of rest in between. I worked with 125#. I got some good work in and my grip is definitely improving. Next time, though, the weight goes up. :)

The WOD was a straight up mile run. As in, 3, 2, 1, GO run a mile as fast as you can! Keeping in mind that it’s just shy of a mile, I finished in 6:32. 6:32!!!! The last time I did a fast mile, I finished in 7:04. What the what?! It’s pretty amazing to think that I got faster without doing any tempo runs or pace runs or really ANY running outside of the box. So, THAT was pretty awesome. The not so awesome part was I forgot how to breathe and it was warm and I sucked in a shit ton (yes, that’s a real amount) of pollen and dirt and coughed for the next 12 hours. Seriously, my throat still hurt most of Tuesday. Ugh. We finished up with some hanging from the bar and some ring holds and some hamstring and calf stretches.


Ran a mile before the 4pm class. Still searching for that exact mile loop. I’ll find it one day!


Our warm-up today was a 6 minute EMOM of 30 double unders and 15 med ball cleans (14#). Um, this was not a warm-up. This was a straight-up workout. Holy. HARD! Those med ball cleans were no joke.

The strength/skill work was strict press – 5 rounds of 4-6 press at the 3010 tempo – each round followed by a 60 second rest and then 2 legless rope climbs. Which, I cannot do. The substitute was 3 rope pull-ups per 1 legless climb so I did those. That means 6 rope pull-ups (grab the rope as high as you can and then pull yourself up). Ooof. Sound easy? Yeah, not so much. Then, rest a minute and back to the press. I worked with 55#.

The WOD was sneaky in its toughness. We did 50 power clean and jerks with a 6 minute time cap, then rest 3 minutes, and then we had 90 seconds to do our max pull-ups. The pull-ups were the official score for the WOD. I used 35# for the clean and jerks (maybe might could have used 45# put I finished #50 with 45 seconds left in the 6 minutes so…maybe not). I knocked out 22 pull-ups. I was shooting for 30 but those rope climbs were a grip killer. That’s okay, though. I’ll take 22. :)


I ran an 800 and did some weighted squats (held a 10# plate in front of me) before class.


The warm-up was a 6 minute AMRAP of 200m run and 10 air squats. I think I got 5 rounds done so that’s another 1000m to add to my run tally. I’ve got to be honest – I like being able to run a little before class and I’m hoping to be able to start running some after class once I finish with Chemistry. Just a couple of weeks left!!

Strength/skill work was tempo back squats and I used 65#. I’ve really been working on keeping my knees out – my right knee is a gigantic pain in the butt when it comes to doing what I want it to do – so I haven’t been putting on too much weight. Besides, 65# gets heavy by the 4th rep after tempo speeds.

The WOD was a 10 minute EMOM of 3 power snatch, 6 overhead squats, and double unders the rest of the minute and rest on the even minute. I used 45#.

I’ve definitely come a long way on my overhead squats but I still have work to do.

(fancy little video, isn’t it?) :)

My knees are still coming a little too far forward – I need to remember to put my butt back and then go into the squat. I get all discombobulated with weight over my head because I focus on keeping it there and I forget what I’m supposed to do from the neck down. One day. It’s a far cry from where I was a year ago! #smallgains


Rest day!!

And, I got a new toy!!


Prepare for loads of camping pictures! We’re going on vacation to the family reunion in a couple of weeks!


I did not run before class. Traffic. :/


Our warm-up was a 400m run followed by a 5 minute AMRAP of 10 kb goblet squats, 10 kb swings, 10m walking squad stretch, and 10m high knees. Then, we did this banded walk thingy that would help us prepare for front squats – helps with flexibility and keeping the elbows up. Basically, put your foot in a band, grab the band, bring it around your back outside your shoulders (your elbow should be close to pointing directly in front of you) and walk like that. Make sense? Nope, didn’t think so. Dagnabbit, I should have taken a picture! Next week, I promise!!

Strength/skill work was front squats, 6 rounds of 4-6 reps at 3010 tempo. I went with 75# and worked reaaallllly hard on keeping my right knee out.

The WOD was a 10 minute EMOM of 2 squat cleans each minute, adding weight until it got to a heavy, but doable, weight and then stick with that the rest of the way out. The last time I worked on squat cleans was in December – when I was still in the boot! – and I hit a one-rep max of 95#. So, I set up the bar at 55# and put some extra 10# and 5# weights by me. I did the first 2 at 55# and that was way too easy. So, I went up to 75# for round 2. Still easy. 85# for round 3. Hmm. 95# for rounds 4 and 5. Hey, my one rep max is no longer 95#! I got brave and tossed 10# more on there for 105# and I finished out rounds 6, 7, 8, and 9 with 105#! I had looked for some 2.5# plates to add more on there but they were all taken. That’s cool though. I completely obliterated my previous 1 rep max by doing 10# heavier 8 times!! 8!!!!

I wonder what my new 1 rep max is now?!?! And the fact that this was squat cleans is HUGE for me because I used to not even be able to drop into a squat after a clean because my hip flexibility was so bad. IMPROVEMENTS!!! Man, I was totally flying high after that workout and I think practically everyone else was too. There were so many PRs and improvements during that WOD last night!! 4 months of great programming by the coaches and hard work by the athletes and there were high fives and grins all around!


And, finally, we get to the reason I’m sharing this on a Sunday instead of a Saturday.

I did not go to the Saturday morning hero WOD. I wanted to buuutt…..I did a GoRuck challenge in the afternoon.

GoRuck-Light was held down in Virginia Beach and there were about 10 of us from the box that went.

One of the requirements that makes it a ruck was a weighted backpack (also called a ruck or a ruck sack). The amount of weight you carried was based on body weight. I carried 10lbs in my pack plus the water in the 3L hydration bladder, and snacks, etc all carefully packed away in freezer Ziploc bags so they wouldn’t get destroyed if when we got wet.


I was pretty terrified, actually, because I had absolutely no idea what was in store for us.

We all met up down in Virginia Beach and, in total, there were probably 75-80 people total. And quite a few of them were drunk. Trashed. Wasted. Apparently that’s a thing?

The cadre had us form 2 teams – all us sober folk went to one team – and we got started.

So, essentially, the GoRuck is a team building event filled with challenges. You’re assigned a mission – fill a baby pool with water from the Atlantic Ocean by filling 6 small water bottles at a time and then carry said baby pool filled with water two miles down the beach without losing any water (not kidding) – and you have to come up with the best way to manage that. (the “real world” premise was we were taking water to a village who was out of water). Of course, it’s not easy and some water gets out and then, you get “punished” – burpees in the Atlantic Ocean, anyone? While we were making the trek, some were carrying additional water, some were carrying the team weights (dumbbells, plates, sledgehammer, etc), and some were carrying raw eggs. Seriously, I can’t make this shit up! We were also tasked to “get to know each other” – first name and occupation – and there were mini-quizzes (supposedly. I never got asked who was who) and if we failed, there was more punishment. Thrusters with your weighted packs, dive bomber push-ups in the Atlantic, etc. Good times.


Source – GoRuck Light Virginia Beach Facebook Page

 It was pretty fun and I can see how this would be beneficial as a team building exercise BUT (you knew there was one coming, didn’t you?) there were a few things that I didn’t like and that I thought could be better.

First off, there should have been more than 2 cadre there and we should have been split into maybe 3 or 4 groups. Our group was just SO big and thing were a little difficult to manage. But, I guess that was part of the challenge, right? Still, I thought the team sizes were too big. Secondly, those drunk people shouldn’t have been able to participate. Put a drunk person in the Atlantic Ocean with a heavy current (um, hello Tropical Storm Ana off the Carolina coast!)? Sure, that doesn’t sound like a safety issue at ALL. :/

And thirdly (yes, this one needs its own paragraph), once we completed our 2-mile hike down the beach, we were then tasked to build a sand castle with four walls and a door. We all had to fit in said sand castle. Which we did. Fabulous, right? Well, apparently, the sand castles were our “fort” and we did this “bring back the casualty” exercise there. (I can’t even believe what I’m about to type) One person had to crawl out of the fort on elbows and knees, eat a cupcake (no hands!) off the sand, and then drag the casualty back to safety in our fort. Remember those eggs? Yeah. The team that was fastest then got to throw the eggs at the other team (live fire, etc) members that were outside of the fort. Really, I told you – I can’t make this up! Except, the egg throwing went a little far and was not contained to just people outside the fort. We all got egged. One guy on our team took an egg straight to the face and it split his lip. I think there might have been 3 dozen cupcakes that had to get eaten, too. I’m fairly certain that exercise was purely for the amusement of the cadre and the other people watching. It was pretty disgusting. I thought it was pretty stupid. And no, I didn’t eat a cupcake. Blech!

In the end, I was sunburned, I brought home sand in places that sand doesn’t belong, and I was exhausted, cold, and wet. Overall, it was fun and I’m glad I got to experience it and it was fun to hang out with people OUTSIDE of the box. It wasn’t as physically challenging as I had expected – although, I didn’t really know what to expect so….  Would I do it again? I don’t know. Maybe. If there were less out of control drunk people. I really hope that’s not a thing.

Oh, and I ate a Whopper for dinner. #dontjudgeme

Talk to me: Have you ever done a GoRuck challenge? Do you like to camp?

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