Weekend things: all dressed up and having fun!


Happy Monday!

(wait, what?)

Hope you had a great weekend!

We did – which is why I regret to inform you that I shall not be sharing food prep with you today.

Because I didn’t do any.

In fact, I’m lucky I actually got dinner made yesterday rather than relying on take-out.

(psst…it was so easy, even a slightly hung over, definitely exhausted person could do it. :)  Crockpot Indian Chicken and Chickpeas – delicious!)

Anywho, Saturday was the Khaki Ball – the annual celebration of the new Chief Petty Officers. It’s called the Khaki Ball because, in the Navy, when you go from E-6 to E-7 (Chief Petty Officer), you change uniforms and wear khakis. It’s a pretty big deal in a sailor’s career (I don’t think it’s AS big a deal in the other services but it’s still impressive, no matter how you look at it) and definitely worth celebrating. Not everyone can become a Chief.

It’s not ‘ball gown’ formal but it is a cocktail affair so I broke out my LBD.

(honestly, it’s the only one of my cocktail dresses that still fits. Darn that CrossFit and my back muscles!) ;)


My sailor was a little slow with getting me the location/hotel information so we were unable to secure a room where the Ball was held in Portsmouth.

So, we stayed at a hotel on the Norfolk side of the water.

We were going to take the ferry across the water but there was a water taxi sitting there (seriously, a water taxi!) and we decided to see how much he charged. We had a bit of time to wait for the ferry and there were quite a few people who were standing around the ferry stop.

Well, that man took one look at us and said he wouldn’t charge us a thing to take us across the water. No kidding!

Turns out he was retired military and he was more than happy to give a fellow servicemember, and his gussied up wife, a ride. :)

And it was a really nice ride.

(And, in case you didn’t know, that’s a really big deal for me to say. I get seasick just THINKING about a boat. Seriously, swings can do me in – don’t even THINK about sticking me on a merry-go-round. Barf city.)




Of course, we couldn’t just ride without paying so we tipped him quite well for his services.

(And no, it wasn’t $.20.)

We spent some of the cocktail/social hour before the actual ceremony started outside watching the water traffic.  It was such a nice evening even though it was overcast.


thought this tree was pretty interesting, all peel-y bark and stuff.



There was lots of food and drink and fun!


There was camaraderie and love.


There was definitely some dancing. :)


But first, let me take a selfie.


The next morning, we found a cute little (and very busy!) diner about a quarter of a mile from the hotel.

Took a bit for breakfast to make it to our table but when it did, it was pretty darn delicious!

I couldn’t decide if I wanted pancakes or not and was still thinking when she came to take our order. So, I decided on the spinach and feta egg white omelet with home fries and wheat toast. Had to have some bacon, too!


om nom nom!

We got home around noon, unpacked, got dinner in the crockpot, and settled in for some football.


I’ll be honest. I didn’t make it past 8pm. #toooldforpartying

Talk to me: pancakes, french toast, or waffles? bacon or sausage?

- jennifer

Weekly workout recap – no boot, week 1


Monday was my first official day without the boot – both at work AND at CrossFit!


It felt really nice to wear a PAIR of shoes rather than one shoe and that stupid, but good for me, boot. I can’t wait until I can get back out and run but right now, I’m following doctor’s orders – no running, no jumping, no impact activities.

Which, of course, means I will probably have to modify MOST of my CrossFit workouts but it’s okay. At least I don’t have to stand on a 5lb plate to balance my hips when I’m doing squats! #thestruggle

6pm CrossFit

Monday’s workout was a good one:


I am not yet up to 135# power cleans yet so I modified it down to 75#. In retrospect, I should have bumped it up to 85# but I wasn’t sure how much I could handle. Less is best sometimes, especially when you’re healing an injury.

As for the deficit handstand push-ups, well, I can’t even do regular handstand push-ups so of course I had to modify those. I was very wary of how I would come down from the handstand position so I opted for the bands.

I knew I could control my “dismount” with the bands since my right foot would be wrapped around it forcing me to lead with my left foot. I went with 2 purple bands this time, instead of a green and a purple, (which means less help) and I worked my BUTT off for every single one of those push-ups. I wish I could remember my time. Probably would be good for me to record such things…..


Garage workout

We had the Chief’s pinning – Navy Chief, Navy Pride! – today so I knew I wasn’t going to make CrossFit. I took the whole day off work so I could go to the pinning and the reception afterwards. I also really needed to hit the grocery store since I didn’t have the chance this past weekend. So, I headed out to the garage for an early morning elliptical workout!

It’s my first time on the elliptical since the stress fracture and it felt pretty good! I had no issues with feeling any pressure on my foot. I adjusted the elliptical so I could look out the doors and watch the sun come up while I was working out. It was nice!



6pm CrossFit

We had a 20 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) on the schedule today.


(TTB = toes to bar and DB snatch = dumbbell snatch)

Of course, I couldn’t do the double unders so I modified with rowing. Coach wanted me to do a 30 calorie row but…..after a minute of rowing, and pulling really hard, I was only at 15 calories. So…..I dropped it to a 15 calorie row.

Before you think I was slacking, if I had done the airdyne bike, he only wanted me to bike for 30-45 seconds and he based that on the time it would take people to get their double unders done. So, I figured a minute of fast rowing was a pretty good substitute. He agreed afterwards once he gave it some thought and realized how long a 30 calorie row would actually take.

Anyway, I used a 25# dumbbell for the snatches and propped my right foot on my left ankle for the push-ups until I couldn’t do that anymore and I dropped to my knees. (Doc doesn’t want me planking or doing anything, like regular push-ups, that will put pressure on the joints in my foot.)

I squeaked out 5 complete rounds and 10 TTB. And yes, I made sure to drop onto my left foot when I came off the bar.  :)



6pm CrossFit

Holy cow, the warm-up was a workout in itself!

Coach had us partner up and grab a wall ball. I partnered with Claire who is nursing a torn ACL. Gimps for the win! :)

We were supposed to do 3 rounds of: 200 meter run carrying the wall ball, 10 partner wall ball shots, and 10 partner wall ball situps.

Obviously, Claire and I couldn’t run so we airdyned for 15 calories, then did the wall ball shots and the situps. We used a 14 pound wall ball.

The actual WOD was a killer:


The idea was heavy front squats but not so heavy that you couldn’t string some together.

I opted for 85#.

Probably not my brightest idea ever. That sh*t was HEAVY!

We had to power clean it up and then go into the squats – no friendly racks for us! 60. Squats.

I did box step ups because, obviously, I can’t do box jump overs.

Took me 11:42.

Yes, I felt that on Friday. Oof. #legday


Rest Day

Molly had her comprehensive exam and teeth cleaning scheduled so I dropped her off early and picked her up after work.


She was still a little loopy. :)

My legs needed the rest after Thursday’s front squats so I wasn’t sad about the rest.


Garage workout

Man, when I woke up this morning, I really did NOT want to get out of the bed.

But, I did. :)


Set my elliptical on 20% incline and did an nice 30 minute workout.


It felt good to stretch my legs out and, of course, I’m glad I got up and got outside.

said no one ever

Talk to me: What did your workouts look like this week? Did you have any motivation issues?

- jennifer

Five on Friday – Five Things I Love About CrossFit

Hello, hello!

Happy Friday!!

friday pup


I know I’ve said probably a hundred times that I love CrossFit.

If you haven’t tried it yet or have only talked to people who are in the “I hate CrossFit” camp, you probably don’t understand why.

Some of those “CrossFit haters” probably don’t understand why they hate it either.

On the flip side, there are quite a few CrossFitters who hate running – or anything that’s not CrossFit. But, that’s not what I’m here to talk about. Back to the story….

Anyway, here are 5 reasons why I love CrossFit.

1. All the tall socks!


photo credit: Spikes Consulting, LLC


Who says you can’t make a fashion statement while lifting heavy things or jumping onto tall boxes? :)

2. Making new friends (read: family)!


the 5am class from my Florida CrossFit box. I miss them!!

3. Muscles!


Strong is sexy!

And, my newfound strength actually benefits my running! I’ve gained both speed and stability, as well as endurance. #winning

4. Gaining self confidence!


I never, ever would have even CONSIDERED running outside in public in just a sports bra and some short shorts before CrossFit.


I didn’t even like wearing a bathing suit out in public.

and finally…

5. I’m learning to let go of fears and do new things!


You have no idea how long it took for me to even be able to go upside down!

Talk to me: Do you love CrossFit? Have you tried it? What do you love about your workout routine?

- jennifer