Not my normal Monday post – go hug your family!

Hi there.

You’re probably wondering why I didn’t do a Weekly Eats post yesterday and I’m not doing a Sunday food prep post today.

Well, I’ll tell you.

I was kinda all over the place with my food last week, what with Thing 2’s oral surgery and all, and didn’t take pictures of all my meals, of which most were random and weird.

Plus, I went up to my folks’ house this weekend.

To help my mom.


My grandmother is not doing very well.


That picture was from Saturday.

This picture was from a month ago – ish.


And this one was from February, when she turned 94.


As you can see, she’s having a rough year.

And my mom is too because she’s caring for her and trying to do it all.

She told me not to come. I think she was trying to “protect” me. Moms tend to do that.

But, she was really happy that I came anyway. Because she needed my help.

(My dad can’t help her either but that’s a whole different conversation. Getting old sucks.)

I don’t normally share such things but it’s all I can think about right now.

It’s hard to see my grandma so frail and fragile and it’s hard to see my mom so stressed.

(Don’t let that smiling picture up there fool you – we put our smiles on for an “us-ie.” Um, that’s a selfie with more than 1 person. ;)

It was also hard to leave them and come home yesterday. But I had to.

We’re at the in-home hospice care stage (just started that this week) and my heart skips a few beats and lands in my stomach every time my phone rings and it’s my mom or my sister.

So, yeah.

Tell your family that you love them and hug them while you still can.

- jennifer

Weekly workout recap – the one where I picked up heavy rocks


I know this is coming to you a little later in the day but I had a small road trip to take.

I’m currently hanging out with my folks and my grandma. :)

There’s lots to do so I’ll get right to it.

This week of workouts was pretty awesome!


It was a holiday. And I didn’t have to work. And Thing 2 was getting her teeth extracted the next day. So,

I took a rest day and hung out with her and went out for Indian food.


AM Garage workout

Started my morning off with a 1 mile run. Yep, that’s right. A RUN!

I know I ran last week but this was my first morning run. It was blissful! And short. And my Garmin didn’t

record it, for some reason. But still, I ran!!


Then, I hopped on the elliptical for a 30 minute workout.


Thing 2 is getting her wisdom teeth out today and I’m definitely nervous for her.  I know it’ll be fine – people get their wisdom teeth taken out every day but still. She’s my baby – even if she’s not so little anymore.

No CrossFit today because I was making sure she had everything she needed.


6pm CrossFit

 Man, I don’t think I ate enough today! Or, maybe it’s because I hadn’t been at the box in 5 days.

Whatever it was, this workout kicked my booty!

Coach had us play a little game on the rower as a warm-up. We had to try to row exactly 100m. If you’ve

ever rowed before, you know that’s no easy task. I got close each time (102, 102, 101, 102) but no cigar.

There was mention of “punishment” (read: burpees) for however much you went over/under (my total

was +7) but thankfully, nothing came of it. Phew!

Then, we got down to business.


There aren’t enough rowers so we had to split up the class. I started with the rower group while the

others started on the double unders.

Man, this part really kicked my butt! By the time round 3 came along, I was giving serious consideration

to stepping over the rower rather than jumping it. My legs were like lead!! But, I still jumped. I finished a

full 3 rounds and was on the 5th burpee in the 4th round when time was called.

That 5 minute rest was the best thing ever!

Next up were the double unders. :/

Man, I haven’t jumped since before the boot and I didn’t have double unders then at all. Coach wanted

attempts but I quickly realized that it would take me all day. So, I did 60 singles instead.

Apparently, I need work on my singles – or – I was a little afraid to do too much jumping because I

missed a little more frequently than normal. It’s fine. I’ll get back there. #patiencegrasshopper

I squeaked out 4 complete rounds and was 4 toes-to-bar into the 5th

I was so glad when this workout was over!


AM workout



It felt really good and the weather was just perfect! I even managed to zone out a little and didn’t see

the person walking her dog. Ooops!

Then, I was blessed to see this on my way to CrossFit.

I love where I live!!


6pm CrossFit

I love workouts that are just body-weight movements!

But, I didn’t really love this one.


Just kidding. Actually, it was kinda fun for as much as it sucked!

It was a 20 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of an ascending ladder of pull ups, sit ups, and

push ups – 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, …. etc

Basically, you do 3 pull ups, 3 sit ups, 3 push ups, then 6 pull ups, 6 sit ups, 6 push ups, 9 pull ups, 9 sit

ups, 9 push ups, etc until the 20 minutes is up. Your score is whatever number you actually completed. I

got through 21.


I was seriously pushing out my last few push ups as the clock was counting down!

I kipped ALL the pull ups!

Which, if you’re interested, totaled 84.

Yep, 84 pull ups, 84 sit ups, and 84 push ups.

I did about a third of the push ups regular and the rest I did on my knees because I was seriously losing


Hey, what can I say? I was working my muscles pretty hard!


6pm CrossFit


We did Atlas Stone skill work to start.

I’ve never worked with the Atlas Stones.

Basically, we’re just picking up heavy rocks. Haha!

The lighter stones didn’t have weights written on them but I think the one I worked with was about 50# or so.

I tried to pick up the one in between that one and the one that was marked 110# but I couldn’t even lift it off the ground.

Which, honestly, kinda boggled me. Because I can deadlift 200#. Why couldn’t I pick up that stupid stone?!?! lol

It was kinda fun, though. :)

Then, the WOD.

Holy. Rowing. Hell.

20 Minute EMOM (every minute on the minute) row for distance with a partner.

Basically, it was a sprint row.

Spring for 1 minute and switch. For 20 minutes.

I normally enjoy rowing but this sucked bad.

I reached the “I’m going to die” feeling right before coach yelled “10 seconds” each time. So Hard!!

My partner and I rowed 4514m.


I had originally planned on sleeping in.

Because I was tired.

But, I got up and ran anyway.

2 miles.

The draw of the road was too much. :)


 Talk to me: How was your week? Do any new workouts?

- jennifer

Thursday Thoughts – Random Rambles


Happy Thursday!

I’ll be honest. I wish it was Friday.

is it friday yet


So, a few things….

Can someone please explain to me why WordPress changed its front page?

First of all, that sidebar used to be on the right.

Secondly, I used to be able to click on my picture up in the right hand corner and go to my blog. Now, I have to click “my sites” and it opens up a new window.

And thirdly (yes, that’s a word), why could I not do a screen shot and copy it into my blog instead of taking a silly picture?



It’s fine. I’ll get used to it.

And, then they’ll change it. Again. *sigh*

Saw this on my way home from CrossFit last night.


Those are definitely the Beatles and that is definitely a Suburban – not a hippy, Beatles sort of mobile.

I wonder what possessed them to paint that?

Clearly, it’s not a professional job.

And, what’s up with the word “TEMPT” on the bumper?

So many unanswered questions.

I generally take my lunch at my desk.

I clock out and blog, mess around on the internet, read, etc.

Why, when I’m eating, do people walk up to my desk and ask me if I’m at lunch?


Nope. The food you see me shoveling into my mouth is a figment of your imagination.

Here’s your sign.

In honor of the upcoming 39th Marine Corp Marathon, here’s a picture of me coming into the finish at my first MCM, back in 2009.


I knew the last .2 was a up a hill but my face is clearly asking “WHYYYYYY???!!!!!”

Okay, one more random thing.

New music! Unless you’ve heard of JJ Grey & the Mofro before. Then, old music. And maybe you can tell me what the Mofro is.

Talk to me: How’s your week going? Got any new music to share? Are you running MCM?