What’s the Difference Between A MILF And A Cougar?

If you like MILF porn or want to have sex with a mature woman, you may have heard the two terms MILF and cougar. So, what exactly is a MILF and what is a cougar?


MILF literally means “Mother I’d like to Fuck.” A woman who is a MILF is a woman who has kept her looks despite having a child or it could be any woman that has had a child which you want to have sex with.  In general, an MILF is seen as a woman with children, that is very attractive. An MILF doesn’t Have to be old such as over 40, it can be any woman, even young ones that have had children. It can be confusing because some always associate an MILF as a woman over 40, but this isn’t the case. MILF porn is quite popular and a growing porn genre as many men want to have sex with a mature woman.


A cougar is a bit different than a MILF. A cougar is usually an older woman that like to be with men that are a lot younger than she is. A cougar is usually a woman that is over the age of 40. Most cougars are considered to be very good looking despite their age and they want pure sexual relationships with young men and don’t want to be tied down. Younger men are attracted to cougars because they are very confident and have a lot of experience when it comes to sex. Some men find younger girls to be quite immature so they seek out an older woman as know what they want. This is why many young men want sex with a mature woman over a younger girl. A term used to describe younger men that are sought after by cougars are cubs.

Other Differences

MILFs are mothers so they are more family oriented. In the cause of a cougar, she is usually not very family oriented and may not want children at all or even have any, although there are quite a few that do.  Most cougars are just looking to enjoy life to the fullest before they get a lot older and this is why they seek out younger men. Some cougars may also be looking to experience desires that they didn’t fulfill earlier on in life. Some MILFs are divorced and men may see them as now available to date. In other cases, the MILF is just a single woman who has kids but looking to have fun. The MILF dates both younger and older guys.


The main thing to keep in mind with cougars and MILFs is that they are attractive and confident women that want to have sex. You will find a wide range or MILF porn as well as mature women through online dating sites. If you want sex with a mature woman joining dating sites is a great way to meet them.