The pros and cons of dating an older woman

If you choose to date older women than younger girls, then it could either be your personal taste, or you have other agenda in mind. Either way, you must be aware of the pros and cons with dating someone older than you. Your relationship can be beneficial to you, but it has downsides that you need to be conscious of.


An older woman is mature in mind. She had been through a lot of things in life, and she has the capability of understanding you without throwing tantrums or wiles. Petty jealousies and fights can be avoided, and you can have a normal and intuitive conversation with her. However, maturity can also be a disadvantage, since she has the experience to catch you in a lie, and because she is older than you, she may feel insecure with younger girls who are close to you.


Mature women are mostly financially stable and independent. This is great for you since she can give you what you need when it comes to material things. Though that sounds like a fair trade, it could lead to a disadvantageous path since an older woman who is sure of herself in the economic world may use her resources as a tool to keep you in the relationship even when you no longer want to stay.


Older women have more experience in the sexual act than younger girls. She knows how to please a man, and have the patience to teach you the ways of achieving ultimate sexual gratification. You will be satiated and always have a great time. However, if you fail to perform extraordinarily in bed, she can easily kick you out and look for another younger man who can satisfy her sexual cravings, and who can match her sexual desires.