What Is a Puma and a Cougar in Regards to Dating?

Dating is a norm in society that seems to appear normal, but there are actually many factors associated with it. Though society has a lot to say for couples who are engage in non-traditional relationships, the couples are aware of they are getting into, and as long as there’s consent, there should be no problem. The dating world had evolved, and different kinds of relationships are now accepted in society, as well as titles for women with preferences in men. The most popular terms for women are puma and cougar, and here is why they differ:


Puma are women who are in their late 20s and 30s and prefer to date with younger men in their 20s. Puma women are often actively visiting bars where they can find men in their 20s and have a sexual relationship. These women are most likely to have friends who are cougars and they spend their nights in bars looking for their young male lovers. Puma women tend to stay loyal to their relationship until they get the satisfaction they crave for in their current partner. Then move on to the next guy to desire satisfaction.


Cougar are women in their late 40s and 50s who prefer to have sexual adventures with younger men under the age of 25 or men who are 10 years younger than them. Cougar women are selective in their taste, as they want boys who can stand up to their level, who have very high sexual drives. It has been known that cougar women have multiple young sex partners, and are into casual and one night stands. A cougar woman is more mature compared to a puma woman, as the cougar woman will only accept a young man in her life if the sex is completely satisfying.