Why Older Women Have Higher Sex Drive?

It has been known that older women have higher sex drives compared to younger ones. That is definitely true, which breaks the myth that older women have less yearning for sex, but only seeks companionship. Truth is, the desire to have sex does not wither with age, but there are times in the women’s life when they seem to have lost passion for sex because they have too many priorities, like being a good wife, raising their children, and working to keep the finances afloat. Though these women have enjoyed great sexual activities in their younger years, when women reach the age of 50, they have higher sexual appetite than ever before.

Explanation for the higher sex drive

Women in their 50s have gone through the phase of not liking some part of their bodies, and they have come to the point where loving themselves is a top priority. The kids already have lives of their own, the women no longer need to fight for balance in their personal life and career, and they have come to a time when they can ultimately focus on what they want. The sexual drive has always been there in women, but they just didn’t have the time to let go of their full potential in the sexual aspect of their lives. When they are already successful in their careers and do not have responsibilities anymore to raise their children, they can have time to explore their sexuality in a whole new level. It is also a time when women feel secured about themselves, and have gained more self-confidence over the years. They can now engage in sexual adventures with their partners, or with men who are considerably younger. Many older women prefer younger men because of their stamina in bed and sexual eagerness.